Supporting the Fund for Employee Ownership

Evergreen’s Fund for Employee Ownership is a ground-breaking fund housed at the Evergreen Cooperative Development Fund and managed by Evergreen Business Services.

The Fund ?creates quality jobs in employee-owned companies while generating value for investors, through sponsored employee-ownership buyouts. The Fund will build upon the success of The Evergreen Cooperatives, a national model that proved networked employee-owned businesses can succeed in the market while generating meaningful social impact and quality jobs. The Fund will demonstrate how the lessons learned in the first ten years of the Evergreen initiative can be leveraged to take a different approach to creating employee-ownership impact, by using an acquire, convert and support strategy to preserve existing businesses in a manner that creates high-quality jobs and anchors wealth in the community.


The Fund pools impact capital to make equity and equity-like debt investments, helping finance the conversion of privately held businesses to employee-owned Evergreen Cooperative Corporation portfolio companies, through an Acquire-Convert-Support (ACS) model. This ACS strategy utilizes Evergreen Business Services’ already existing business support infrastructure to raise investments; acquire existing firms; convert them to employee-owned, and then support them alongside the other Evergreen portfolio companies.

The Fund’s current portfolio criteria target service and manufacturing-sector firms, located in Northeast Ohio, and targeted in the lower middle market. By leveraging smart business management and growth strategies provided by EBS, the Fund creates value for its investors, employees, and the community. The Fund regularly reports on impact metrics such as job preservation, community stabilization, living wages, and family wealth creation.

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