The Fund For Employee Ownership

Mission-driven capital creating quality jobs via employee ownership.

Our Acquire, Convert & Support strategy allows business owners to enter into a transaction with us that looks and feels like a sale to any other buyer. No learning curve associated with employee conversions; a substantial initial liquidity event, apples to apples comparisons with other purchase offers; and the opportunity to stay engaged with a gradual exit.

We believe conversion to employee ownership is the best way to create quality jobs and take care of people in the workplace. Therefore, our mission is to provide flexible capital designed especially for employee ownership conversions as a part of the businesses succession plan.

Who We Are:

Evergreen’s Fund for Employee Ownership is a groundbreaking new investment fund, designed to create quality jobs through employee ownership, anchor jobs and wealth in the local community, and generate value for investors. The Fund builds upon the success of The Evergreen Cooperatives, a national model which proved that networked employee-owned businesses can succeed in the market while generating meaningful social impact and much higher quality jobs.

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Our Mission:

Employee ownership can be a powerful tool to create quality jobs and improve overall business performance: employee-owned companies do a better job of lifting workers out of poverty and helping them build wealth by giving them a real share in company profits and decision-making. The Fund for Employee Ownership invests catalytic capital—often first in and last out—making sure long-term employees, multi-generational owners and impact investors all win by supporting community business that are built to grow, and to last.


The Fund for Employee Ownership exists to expand quality jobs throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by purchasing privately held companies and converting them to employee ownership. Our core thesis is that by intelligently and actively deploying mission-driven capital, we can catalyze employee ownership transitions on terms that benefit:

  • Exiting business owners, who want to make sure their family can access the wealth they’ve built while making sure the jobs they created for their communities stay there
  • Workers, who maintain their jobs and begin to build wealth through ownership;
  • Cities and neighborhoods, who benefit from a growing network of thriving community-focused, growth-oriented companies; and
  • The investors who achieve a real return by rooting these companies in their communities.
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