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The Preston Model: UK takes lessons in recovery from rust-belt Cleveland | The Guardian

As councils struggle with cuts, one city adapted a pioneering grassroots approach from America to tackling inequality and keeping profits local By: Hazel Sheffield | Freelance Journalist | The Guardian | April 11, 2017 Video via John McDonnell MP | You Tube | March 21, 2017 Ted Howard looks out on a group of people […]

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Worker-Owned Green City Growers is On the Path to Profits While Giving Refugees and Ex-Cons Gainful Employment | Cleveland Scene Magazine

Cleveland?Scene Magazine By: Douglas Trattner | March 15, 2017 It’s a brisk late-winter morning in Cleveland, but inside the greenhouses of Green City Growers it feels more like Tampa. The temps are hovering around the 80-degree mark and the air is agreeably thick with humidity. But it’s the lushness that really wins a guy over, […]

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