Transforming lives and neighborhoods.

Mission & Vision

Transforming Lives and Neighborhoods Through Community Wealth-Building

Neighborhood by neighborhood, Evergreen Cooperatives Corporation is creating economic breakthroughs in Cleveland–and through its Business Services consulting arm, well beyond. Evergreen catalyzes local, sustainable companies that offer their employee-owners opportunities for personal, financial and career success. This strategic community wealth-building creates meaningful jobs, keeps precious financial resources within the Greater University Circle neighborhood and sows the seeds for rebuilding the local economy. Sustainable companies and meaningful jobs – together they can stabilize, revitalize and transform communities and individuals.

Our Mission

We strive to:

  • Promote, coordinate and expand economic opportunity for low-income individuals, through a growing network of green, community-based enterprises
  • Promote community stabilization and revitalization of the divested neighborhoods of Greater University Circle and similar areas of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Promote public understanding of cooperative principles and how cooperatives and other community wealth-building models function
  • Encourage and enable cities and other areas throughout Ohio and the United States to implement their own local programs, inspired by Evergreen’s mission, vision, strategy and principles.

Our Vision

Our organizational vision is built on community wealth strategies that will increase asset ownership among individuals and communities, anchor jobs locally, strengthen the municipal tax base, prevent financial resources from “leaking out” of the area and ensure local economic stability and vitality.

The five pillars of our wealth-building strategies:

  1. Leverage a portion of the multi billion dollar annual business expenditures of anchor institutions into the surrounding neighborhoods.
  2. Establish a robust network of Evergreen Cooperatives businesses designed to?service these institutional needs.
  3. Build on the growing momentum to create environmentally sustainable energy and green collar jobs.
  4. Link our efforts to expanding sectors of the economy such as sustainable energy and healthcare, many of which receive large-scale public investment.
  5. Develop financing and management capacities that can take this model to scale.
Evergreen Cooperatives