Green City Growers

Quality Local Produce from the Neighborhood

Green City Growers produces tasty, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free produce year-round. Capitalizing on our custom built, state-of-the art greenhouse, we produce millions of heads of lettuce and specialty greens and hundreds of thousands of pounds of herbs and micro-greens every year. We’re proud to be ranked as the largest food-production greenhouse in a core urban area in the United States.

But quality is our real hallmark. We produce enough fresh, hearty, nutritious produce to supply grocery stores, foodservice companies, fine dining establishments and major institutions within a 150-mile radius of Cleveland. And we do it all with the help of our dedicated, local staff, using the most progressive and sustainable hydroponic farming practices.

Cleveland Grown

Fresh. Local. Delicious.

Locally grown produce & herbs not only reduce the carbon footprint required to land on diners' plates,but they're more nutritious and better tasting. Our state-of-the art hydroponic greenhouse--with more than one acre under glass, the largest greenhouse in an urban core area in the U.S.--gives us the ability to carefully control the growing environment. Through precise calibrations of heat, light, nutrients and relative humidity, we can produce bountiful leafy greens & tasty herbs year-round. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR GREENHOUSEmore-arrow
Pesticide Free and Non GMO Produce

Pure Products, Pure Methods

Consumers who are serious about their families’ health as well as the health of our planet are constantly in search of viable food options. At Green City Growers, there’s no genetically engineered food and no pesticides. And because most lettuce consumed in this region comes in from California and Arizona, our products do not negatively impact local farmers. Instead, products are delivered locally within 24 hours of harvest, adding five days of shelf life. VIEW PRODUCTSmore-arrow
Green City Growers is worker-owned

We Own It

Our social mission is to transform lives and local neighborhoods by creating green jobs and building financial assets for residents of underserved neighborhoods. Our employees are also part owners, sharing in the profits of our cooperative venture. That means they have every motivation to provide our customers with excellent service. MOREmore-arrow
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