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We Treat You the Way You Treat Your Patients & Guests

Your guests and patients expect to be treated a certain way: with care, personal service and attention to detail. Evergreen Cooperative Laundry understands what your customers expect, so we treat you and them with that same level of respect and attention.

Behind every on-time delivery of your hospitality or healthcare linens is dedication to excellence and the highest standards for customer service. That’s why we take the extra step to:

  • Save you time and staff resources with custom-packing services – your linens arrive in the exact quantity you need for each floor, division or department of your facility.
  • Digitally and manually track your linens through the entire laundry process Fold finished items by machine and hand, package them with care and prepare them for return to your facility.
  • Offer other custom services to meet your special needs, including multiple deliveries daily during high-use periods.
  • Individually wrap and deliver hospital gowns to your healthcare facility – giving your guests comfort in knowing they’re getting a freshly-cleaned, sanitary garment every time.

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