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Your Single Source for Energy-Saving Expertise

Evergreen Energy Solutions is a single-source contractor for all your residential or commercial energy-saving needs. We’re dedicated to helping you save money even as you do your small part to save the planet, one project at a time.

We help manufacturers, large institutions, residential developers and others save energy – from installing solar panels to outfitting offices or parking lots with energy – efficient LED lighting. We can weatherize properties to keep cool air inside when it’s warm outdoors and heat inside during the winter months and ensure safety through lead-abatement projects.

We’re even available for general construction and rehab/remodeling projects. And our local-first hiring and procurement policies help build a stronger and more secure community.

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Solar Panels pay for themselves

Solar Panels Pay for Themselves in 12-15 Years

The solar energy market has shifted in recent years, as government incentives to install solar technology have dried up. But depending on your circumstances, in many cases, it still makes sense to explore the benefits of renewable energy by going solar. We can develop, design and install PV solar panels for commercial and residential buildings. Far-sighted building owners know this technology pays for itself in as little as a dozen years, after which the ongoing energy savings continue. LEARN MOREmore-arrow
LED lighting uses 70% less energy

LED Lighting Uses 70% Less Energy

The new generation of LED lighting delivers better, more consistent, light quality, and a cleaner, greener light source. But this technology also uses as much as 70% less energy, which provides instant savings. In other words, installing LEDs is a win-win-win. Our lighting engineers can calculate your annual savings from a customized LED retrofit. After five years, your retrofit is paid for, but the savings on energy continue. LEARN MOREmore-arrow
Energy-efficient construction and renovation save heating & Cooling costs

Energy-Efficient Construction and Renovation Save Heating & Cooling Costs

Whether you’re pursuing new construction or renovation, sophisticated energy-efficiency and weatherization methods should be built in. Prices for electricity and gas are rising. By reducing heating and cooling leaks and blanketing buildings with extra insulation, our staff can lower your energy consumption and thus your monthly bills. LEAR MOREmore-arrow
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