Evergreen Business Services

Helping Others Benefit from Our Experience

Evergreen Business Services is a stand-alone, for-profit company established within the Evergreen Cooperative Corporation, focused on driving and developing new business opportunities consistent with Evergreen’s mission.

EBS is built upon a successful formula for starting and operating worker-owned cooperatives, as evidenced by the success of the thriving Cleveland enterprises operating under the Evergreen Cooperative Corporation umbrella: Evergreen Energy Solutions, Green City Growers and Evergreen Cooperative Laundry.

Since their founding, these enterprises have attracted significant national attention as a promising model for sustainable economic development in low-wealth areas and for developing a dedicated group of employee-owners, who provide quality products and services to our customers. Leveraging that success, we can now provide the same start-up support to others who are contemplating forming or are already operating similar worker-owned cooperatives.

Count on the experts of Evergreen Business Services for the critical concept-to-implementation services you’ll need for your successful worker-owned cooperative, including:

  • Business Plan Review

  • Feasibility Study

  • Shared Services Consulting

  • Business Consulting

We also provide comprehensive back-office support services, from finance & accounting support to sales & marketing and customer relationship management services.

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